Temporary workforce

Whether your looking for long or short-term temporary workforce Flexia Agency got you covered

In case of posting, the employee is formally employed by Flexia Agency while actually performing activities under your guidance and supervision. Based on the obtained job requirements we make a selection of suitable candidates from our database. You can trust that Flexia Agency knows where to find the right candidate that meets your needs. We have got a good sense of the labor market and know where and how to locate the right candidate for you. By paying close attention to what your needs are and by conducting a thorough recruiting and selection process we strive to exceed your expectations.

The candidates will then be presented to you by e-mail. You then decide if you want to have an interview with one or more candidates. After that you then decide whether to proceed with one of the candidates or not. If you wish, you could also leave the final choice entirely up to us.

Flexia Agency will take care of all administrative procedures and will make all payments of wages, taxes and social insurance costs. For this particular service, Flexia Agency will charge by the hour an hourly rate per temporary worker.

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