F.A.Q. by Candidates

Experience is of course an advantage! But if you have no relevant experience, do not hesitate. Everyone who is accepted at Flexia needs to take part in a two day hospitality training. We make sure to prepare you sufficiently to confront any challenge on the work floor head-on.

You work when, where and with whom you like. You will be in charge of planning your own work agenda while consulting one of our representatives. Full-time, Part-time jobs or working after school. Whatever suites you best!

If your 17 years or older you could apply to join our passioned team of hard workers. To form part of the team you need to pass the Flexia hospitality training first. We are always searching for team members whom are friendly, outgoing and possesses the right work ethic.

Before you start working for Flexia you will need to take part in the two day hospitality training. During the training we will discuss the following subjects:

  • being hospitable;
  • dealing with complaints;
  • how to serve tables;
  • how to work behind the bar and much more.

Besides the basic training you could also qualify for the job coach or project leader training course.

We at Flexia as our clients find it important that all personnel have the same type of outfit. For waiters and bartenders it’s a black trousers, black (closed) shoes, black belt and a black shirt. Occasionally a white shirt will be needed. You are responsible to obtain this items prior your first job. Flexia will provide you with a wine opener, a pen and a name-tag.

At Flexia you get paid by the hour in accordance with your age, local laws and regulations corresponding with your position.

F.A.Q. by Client’s

For temporary employees there is a minimum of 4 working hours per day.

We try our best to meet your demands. In case of an shot notice order we will do our best to get you your team with no guaranties. A minimum of 2 days notice in advance is appreciated for groups no bigger then 6. For bigger order a minimum of 3 day notice in advance is required.

All Flexia personnel is instructed to wear either the classics white shirt and black pant, shoes and belt or instead of the white shirt a black one. all depending on the clients request. If the clients request something other then the above mentioned Flexia will charge the cost associated with the obtaining of the required additional.

F.A.Q. by candidates

We charge different rates in accordance with the position and the level of responsibility of the job that will be performed.

Flexia Agency will bill you in accordance with the signed timekeeping forms received by either the client or an employee of Flexia. The form has to be signed by  the employee and the client. The bill is based on the worked hours and the corresponding rate raised with the local 6% TAX.